Create BOLD Annual Goals That Attract Success!




In one collaborative masterclass...

...without feeling overwhelmed, overcommitted, or uncertain!



If you are tired of falling short of your goals or if your goals feel more like to-dos and not game-changing accomplishments worthy of your limited time, attention, and financial resources, then you already know that you need experienced, affordable guidance to kick off your new year right! 


Are you unsure how to back into bigger goals with realistic, actionable plans and feel overwhelmed?

That. Ends. Now.

Listen, you know deep down what you want to accomplish. You are an amazing leader, who makes things happen, even if it feels a little messy or scattered. You carry the load and are always the one with the answers. 

Maybe it's time to have a little help for once dialing in your big picture to keep your energy, and the energy of your team, focused and productive.

Lucky for you, you are in the right place! 

By the end of this masterclass,

you will…


  • Realistically Map Out Your Year 

    So you never feel overwhelmed.
  • Gain Crystal Clear FOCUS 

    So your energy and resources create massive impact--saving time, money, and frustration. Clear visions inspire teams to give it their all, after all!
  • Test Your Goals

    So you are certain they are achievable before you direct people and financial resources. (This is how you save yourself from getting stuck, discouraged, or overwhelmed!) 
  • Guard Your Focus

    Avoid chasing future distractions and shiny object syndrome by coming up with a plan to combat that NOW.
  • Pace Yourself While Staying Motivated & Accountable

    Never feel that year-end panic (or disappointment) again! Make small, incremental strides with the support you need to stay focused on your original commitments!

"Amber’s coaching is second to none. The clarity she brings to situations that I have trouble even explaining has helped me excel in my business and create even more time for me to enjoy my personal life."

-Kate Erickson, Podcast Host, Kate’s Take, Content & Community Manager, Entrepreneur on Fire

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Amber is simply awesome. Are you trying to find accelerated success and influence in your professional life so you can have more time and energy to focus on your personal life? Yes? Then congrats, you are at home!

- John Lee Dumas | Best Selling Author & Podcast Host, Entrepreneur on Fire


I gained so much clarity by working with Amber.I’m so grateful to have been able to work with her, and I recommend her, as she really loves what she does, comes from a sincere place of service, and goes above and beyond for her clients.

Nicky C. Jones | Holistic Grief Coach


Amber can be summed up as a leader that builds enduring greatness through a blend of personal humility and professional will, who displays workmanlike diligence by infecting others with an incurable need to produce sustainable results. 

- Lance Jay | Hospitality Executive


What’s Inside Glamour Goals

Amber Hurdle walks you through her step-by-step process via lifetime access to her online course AND in a live masterclass so you can implement your learnings into your unique business situation immediately. 

Modules & Topics:


When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


Glamour Goals Online Course & Live Virtual Masterclass
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  • Lifetime Access to Our 9-Module Self-Study Course

    Be guided through this tried and true process that has helped corporate leaders, business owners, and association members create goals that are both realistic and compelling to stick to (and achieve)!

  • Reserved Seating for Our Live, Virtual Masterclass on January 14th (10 am - 12 pm CST) 

    Get direct access to Amber and other participants who are as hungry to reach their goals as you are! Ask questions, be challenged and get live support!
  • Experience Amber's Never-Before Taught Vision Board Process

    You've heard Amber talk about her annual vision board creation experience and how much she credits vision boards for her success. Be guided in real time to create your own in this masterclass!


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Still thinking about it?


Glamour Goals is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You're new to goal setting and want to do it right
  2. You've struggled with setting challenging, yet realistic goals and want to fix it once and for all
  3. You're willing to put in the work if you just had a little guidance or a process that actually works for YOU
  4. You don't want to go around the same mountain AGAIN, and are excited for the quickest, most valuable win
  5. You are ready to take the actions needed to cast your vision in a way that gives actionable steps to take for you and your team!

I can’t wait for you to join Glamour Goals!

If you're on this page you are probably aware of my story. I had my first child when I was 16, which taught me (at warp speed) so many lessons that I carry with me today. 

One of those lessons is this: to be successful, you have to have a vision to carry you through the hard seasons, distractions, and beyond; and you have to have a plan to take decisive action towards your vision.

Maybe you weren't a teen parent, but I'll bet you have your own history of challenges, and plenty to contend with today, too. So let me tell you, you are in the right place.

There is no teaching from an ivory tower. You can easily take what you learn in Glamour Goals from blueprint to reality. We do not teach rigid, inflexible steps.

We get it when life gets real. We know your situation is unique, and the only thing we count on is that we can count on change trying to blow up our plans!

So join us. Do it for you. For your team. For your family. For your sanity. 


You know I've got your back, so register today!


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